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My whole-body approach aims to treat the problem, not just the symptoms. I'm interested in long-term solutions.

Once you’ve made your first booking you’ll come in for your initial assessment. This is where we’ll sit down & have a good chat about why you’ve booked your appointment. We’ll go through your medical history, injury history, social history, hobbies and goals etc. After this assessment we move onto our objective assessment. This is where I’ll look at how you move, your mobility, strength, balance etc. With all this information I’ll explain WHY you’re likely experiencing your symptoms.

This will allow me to create a clear plan to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be, pas well as give me a rough idea of how long it will take to get you through the plan.


Through scientifically backed hands-on treatment and movement training, I aim to reduce pain, improve movement and reduce risk of injury in future. I take a patient-centred approach - so there is no cookie-cutter solution. You receive treatment that’s centred around your life and the things that you need and want to be able to do each day.

I use hands-on techniques to help reduce your symptoms, BUT, this is maximum 20% of treatment - 80% is aimed at getting everything else doing a much better job through movement - thus helping create lasting changes.

As your treatment progresses and symptoms subside we’ll spend 100% of our time building resilience, control and educate you about your symptoms/injury.


My treatment is focused around finding & treating the TRUE cause of your pain rather than just treating the symptoms - a different approach to many 'traditional' physiotherapists. 


The aim is to always help you understand WHY you have pain or injury and the reasoning behind everything I ask you to do. This is important as it sets us a clear pathway from where you are now to where you want to be with regards to your daily activities/hobbies.Your physio plan should be goal directed and informative with a step by step plan to get you there.⁣


After hands-on techniques I will go through all your rehab exercises with you. This is a VITAL part of the rehab process as your body needs consistent exposure to movements & forces to create adaptation and build resilient tissues.


You will receive professional rehab tutorials for everything you’ve been asked to do, so it’s like having a physio right at home with you! I guide you through your treatment plan from start to finish .. and beyond! Sending you videos for your rehab at home, providing advice for day to day activities and setting up long-term solutions so the issue doesn't come back.

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